Starting Gates that stop a Nation

melbourne cup horse race starting gates

Starting Gates that stop a Nation

  • On October 29, 2020

Australia's most famous horse race is undeniably the Race that stops a Nation* – the Melbourne Cup. In 2020 the 3200-metre race will, as per tradition, be held on the first Tuesday in November, and for the 24th year running, will start with Steriline’s world-class starting gates.

Although the 2020 race will be run without spectators, it is still expected to attract a global audience of more than 650 million viewers, thanks to its recent domination by international horses.

The biggest starting gates in the world

Did you know that the Melbourne Cup races from the biggest starting gates in the world? With 25 stalls in a single set of starting gates, the Steriline Platinum model starting gates provide easy loading for the 24 starters in the Melbourne Cup. Last year’s Melbourne Cup winning Jockey, Craig Williams agrees:

“I am happy with the way the back of the starting gates open up. It encourages the horses or entices them in without them worrying about going into too confined an area. I find the starting gates substantially quieter now and they are a lot more stable, so to have that improved is a safer working environment for the horse and for the jockey.”

In fact, it was Steriline's ability to make a premium starting gate for 20 or more runners that first caught the eye of the team from Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, which races with a field of 20 horses each year. Find out how the Kentucky Derby improved safety with their starting gate choice.

Steriline is renowned worldwide for its focus on:

• understanding the unique requirements for each racetrack, and
• designing and manufacturing custom horse race starting gates to suit each track's specific needs.

Steriline’s global track record

Steriline is proud of its reputation as the global leader in starting gates, with six of the top ten races around the world starting with Steriline gates, including:

  • the Dubai World Cup,
  • the Everest,
  • the Melbourne Cup,
  • England's Epsom Derby, and
  • the Kentucky Derby in the US.


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*the race that stops a nation is a ™ and © of the Victoria Racing Club Limited 2006

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