Maintaining your starting gate through COVID-19

Maintenance of your Gate

Maintaining your starting gate through COVID-19

  • On August 28, 2020

Starting gates, like all things with moving parts, require upkeep over time to last longer, work reliably and consistently. Identifying and planning your maintenance schedule for your Steriline starting gate can be the key to success of your next event. 

Implementing a servicing schedule for your gate and its condition can reduce down time on race day, rule out any potential fault risks and increase the lifespan of your gate. 

Steriline starting gates are well engineered and designed pieces of machinery that will rarely, if ever, breakdown and it is important to be proactive and consider the different options best suited for your track when planning for maintenance so you continue to get the most out of your equipment. With the current volatile global situation still unfolding in front of us due to COVID-19, in preparation for your racing season it is important to make a plan to maintain your gate to avoid unexpected expenses in the year ahead.

Steriline has put together some maintenance recommendations based on what might best suit your race club type to help you plan for the year ahead.


Do the little things yourself 

Making sure you are keeping on top of all the small things can make a big difference when there are bigger waiting times between services. Depending on the size of your race club you may have an in-house technician who can maintain your gate between races, which is fantastic. Planning for downtime between races can help aid the longevity of your starting gate, Steriline has technicians available to talk through any servicing questions that you may have relating to best practices when maintaining your gate. 


Steriline provides and highly recommends following the maintenance checklist to keep your gate in the best possible condition. The checklist is a small step-by-step guide for management to keep track of all the small variations between services. 

Arrange a maintenance visit with a professional  

The best way to get a clear understanding of what you need to do to look after your gate is to consult with a professional. With Steriline this can be done through field visits or for smaller services can be talked through via an online meeting or phone call 


Professional servicing should be added to your annual maintenance schedule. This ensures all components are in good working order so the Steriline gate can continue to provide even starts at every race. Steriline’s service includes 

  • Full gate review  
  • Parts recommendations 
  • Future service advice 
  • Detailed report and scheduling outline 


Talking with a professional each year to review your gate means you will know exactly where you stand, as well as help clubs to meet their safety and risk assessment requirements. Steriline’s field technicians can also help assemble the gates remotely as they know the gates from the ground up and will be able to pinpoint exactly which part may not be doing what it is meant to.  

Organising a service in the current climate is challenging due to travel restrictions, so now is the best time to get in contact and arrange a service for when restrictions do ease.  


Plan for spare parts

In times like these, the budget can be a bit skinny and buying a new gate isn’t always a realistic option without sacrificing on quality. Organising replacement parts can often be a much more affordable option to make sure your gate always meets the standards of your club and continues to perform throughout the year. When organising your annual maintenance visit, consider ordering your spare parts stock in advance, as Steriline’s field technician team can accurately fit the parts as part of the annual maintenance review. 
If your club has your own equipment mechanic accessible and you require parts in between your scheduled service, click below and take a look to see what exactly you may need from Steriline's spare parts catalogue for racing gates. It is worth inquiring about racing parts now leading into the new equine financial year, as lead time and shipping are currently longer than normal. 


Make the most of these difficult times for your race club by doing what you can to stay ahead of potential issues. Whether it is small maintenance between race days, organising professional servicing or updating parts, Steriline is here to help. For more information on your options please contact us


Maintain your starting gate - click here to download the recommended maintenance checklist to get the most out of our gate on race day