Brand your starting gate with colour

Brand your starting gate with colour

  • On January 30, 2018

Add a pop of colour to the starting gates for the start of your next horse race.

Innovative solutions for the horse racing and greyhound racing industry is what we do, and being the number one producer of starting gates we bring you the latest innovations and technology for the start of all your races.

The latest trend for starting gates allows you to promote your own brand or your sponsors brand with the use of colour. An innovative way to increase advertising revenue on the starting gate for all of your race starts.

The design of the Steriline Racing starting gates provides the opportunity for all the safety padding to be colour matched to the brand colour of your choice. Not only will you increase sponsorship revenue, but you will also be ensuring your starting gates are the safest with starting gate padding that is 3 times more effective than any other.

So what is your colour of choice? Red, purple, yellow.... contact us today to colour your starting gates.