5 Essentials that make a Modern Racing Gate

5 Essentials that make a Modern Racing Gate

  • On January 17, 2020

Technology in horse racing has to continue to improve to ensure the safety of its horses and jockeys.

An in-depth understanding of horse husbandry combined with engineering innovation can separate an entry-level starting gate from a premium gate.

The following five aspects are critical when considering the best solution for your next purchase.

1. Easy entry

A wide, tapered entry point for the horse is paramount so the horse can easily move straight into the gate. Achieving this without compromising the width and quantity of stalls is not easy. The Steriline Platinum Gate has achieved the widest entry in the world at 135 degrees. Allowing for:

  • Safer and easier loading of the horses into the stalls
  • Reduced injury’s when loading, particularly preventing shoulder injury to the horse
  • Faster loading times - even with a big field of horses loading should take less than two minutes per race
  • Reduced scratching caused by horses refusing to load or injury on the gate itself - Hong Kong Jockey Club has reduced scratching at the starting gate to almost zero with the Steriline Platinum Gate.


2. Spring release exit gate

A simple and reliable release means consistency at every race. A spring release with few moving parts reduces the chance of failure. Some may argue for a hydraulic release system; however, they can seize due to overuse or underuse. It is not a case of if they will fail, but when they will fail. This can cause serious injury to the horse and jockey if only one gate opens, the horse still surges and runs.

3. Safety release handle

Once loaded there are many reasons why a horse may need to be released. An easy-to-use release handle allows the expedited opening of the back gates (or front gates) in case of emergency. Again, this is a must to prevent injury to, the jockey and handler.

4. 360-degree crash-tested padding

Not all padding is the same - the padding used by Steriline on their gates has been professionally tested for over 15 years. The gate padding which Steriline uses is three times more effective at absorbing impact than any other starting gate, as independently tested by Bridgestone Laboratory. With safety a major issue on today’s racetrack, reducing the number and severity of starting stall injuries is paramount. Jockeys, handlers and horses must have the ultimate protection inside the starting barriers before a race.

5. Noise Reduction

A gate that remains silent when loading and opening is less likely to stir up and startle the horses. Steriline’s spring-loaded gates work in unison with the high-quality padding, high-quality engineering and expert design to drastically reduce noise coming from the gate. Reducing noise is another important safety initiative.

At a glance, you may not see the differences between starting gates, however, there is a diverse range of factors that can guarantee greater success around the track on race day.


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Understanding the key elements that ensure safety and longevity in your gates can be the key difference in the profitability of your racecourse.

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