Pre-Race Starting Gate Checklist

Pre-Race Starting Gate Checklist

  • On February 28, 2020

A well-run race day starts with a well-maintained starting gate, no matter the size of your event. No racetrack wants to run into any preventable challenges that may pop up on the day.
Following a simple checklist between each race day can ensure the fluidity of the event and increase the lifespan of your starting gates. This checklist is based on a Steriline Racing gate, other designs may require a different checklist or more regular servicing.

Each gate system is different and may have specific maintenance requirements which require a professional inspection, however, here is an easy to follow checklist to make sure you are doing everything you can before race day.

1. Check all front and back gates

It is important to look for damage, stress or excessive movement, including:

  • Check the Release Arm for free movement
  • Check Release Arm Operating Rod Connector for free movement
  • Inspect for any loose hinges
  • Check front gate catches for damage
  • Check back gates and handle mechanism for damage
  • Make sure all padding is fitted correctly
  • Check for any rattles or loose fittings


2. Lubricate upper and lower front gate hinge points

  • Use WD 40 Lubricant or Similar
  • Lubricate both the Upper and Lower Hinge Points
  • Check for excessive wear or sticky operation


3. Lubricate rotary catches and operating rods on front gates

  • Use WD 40 Lubricant or Similar
  • Check for excessive wear or sticky operation
  • Work lubricant into roller catch if necessary, to ensure smooth operation
  • Ensure operating rods have a smooth action without any catching or friction


4. Charge each battery in the main control box with the automatic charger provided

  • The control box has a charging socket inside for the system battery. The Gate and Light circuits are protected by a 15Amp resettable circuit breaker.

5. Perform front gate release tests

  • Close the gates and slowly release the Solenoid Arm Lever.
  • From the point at which the first gate opens, all other gates should open within an arc of approximately 75mm measured at the end of the Solenoid Arm Lever.
  • If gates are not opening within the specified distance, the following causes are possible: − Operating rod may require adjustment (screw nut upward to make the gate open sooner). − The operating shaft may be damaged - bent or jammed (disconnect springs on the overhead operating shaft - shaft should move freely).


6. Check tyre pressures

  • Check all tyre pressures (including any spare tyres).
  • Recommended tyre pressure is 220kPa (32 PSI).
  • Check tyres for cuts, cracking or other signs of damage.
  • Use soapy water on the tyre valve to check for leaks.
  • Remove any foreign objects from tyre treads.
  • Check Wheel Nuts are secure. Tightening torque 112Nm (83lbf-ft)


7. Check position of overhead operating shaft

  • Ensure that the Overhead Operating Shaft Levers are in the horizontal position when the gates are closed and latched.
  • Ensure that the Overhead Operating Shaft is functioning correctly and that there are no obstructions.

8. Inspect the starting gate

  • Check for anything unusual.
  • Check that all bolts are tight and that all moving parts around the gate move freely.
  • Check for rust around any area and touch up after applying a suitable rust converter if necessary (Plasti-Kote 367 Gloss White) spray paint is recommended.
  • Check all electrical connections and leads for cuts, fractures or other damage.
  • Keep the starting gate clean - this will allow you to see potential problems before they become serious!

Steriline Racing’s starting gates are renowned for their minimal maintenance, longevity and reliability on the track but having a regular schedule for upkeep on your starting gate can aid a long and profitable relationship with your gate. Some gate parts don’t need to be checked as often because we know they last, but it can help to note some of the following areas found in the document: Steriline Racing: Maintenance Process for Racing Gates or download the maintenance checklist by clicking  below.

Maintain your starting gate - click here to download the recommended maintenance checklist to get the most out of our gate on race day

Please contact us if you would like us to review your starting gate.