Are your gates due for a service?

To keep your gate in the best possible condition for optimum performance come race day organise a maintenance check up with the Steriline Racing's field team. 

Why plan ahead for your maintenance?

The main goal of planning your maintenance schedule is to determine where the maintenance needs exist and what processes, tools, and parts are needed to address them. This planning process can incorporate preventive, predictive, and condition-based methods to identify current or potential problems and establish the best long and short-term maintenance strategies to address them to maximise your gates performance and lifespan.

What does a gate service include?

A Steriline Racing Maintenance Service will include the following: 

  • Full gate inspection and review
  • Parts recommendations
  • Future caution
  • Detailed report and scheduling recommendation

Please complete the form below with relevant information and identify your preferred time, this may be in off-peak or prior to your next big event. If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

Maintenance Scheduling Form